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Towards a European Civil Code

Fourth edition

Gebonden, 1158 blz. | Engels
Ars Aequi Juridische Uitgeverij | 4e druk, 2011
ISBN13: 9789069167152
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Jongbloed : Europees recht
Ars Aequi Juridische Uitgeverij 4e druk, 2011 9789069167152
Onderdeel van serie Ars Aequi Handboeken
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Since its original publication in 1994, Towards a European Civil Code has become an international classic. This fourth edition of the book reflects the current state of the debate on the future of European private law and provides materials for academic teaching in this field.

The Chapters of the book, written by a large number of experts on European private law, address the main topics of debate, taking into account the laws of the European Member States, the acquis communautaire in the area of private law and sets of model rules, such as the Principles of European Contract Law and the Principles of European Tort Law.

Moreover, in this fourth edition of the volume, authors pay particular attention to recent developments regarding the drafting of a Common Frame of Reference for European private law. With few exceptions, the existing

Chapters have been updated, and new contributions have been included on: private regulation; the influence of primary EU law on private law; competition and contract law; proceduralisation of private law; the legislative competence of the EU in the field of private law; constitutional aspects of a European Civil Code; the notion of damage; the law and economics of harmonising European private law; defects of consent in contract law; hardship and modification of the contract; financial services; suretyships by private persons; vicarious liability; liability for land and structures; and good faith acquisition of movables.

Thus, this new, revised and expanded edition of Towards a European Civil Code forms a primary point of reference for policy makers, practitioners, academics and students engaged in matters of European private law.


Aantal pagina's:1158
Jongbloed:Europees recht

Over Arthur Hartkamp

Mr. A.S. Hartkamp is emeritus-hoogleraar aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen en voormalig Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden.

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Over Martijn Hesselink

Martijn W. Hesselink has been Professor of Transnational Law and Theory at the European University Institute in Florence since 2019. Prior to joining the EUI, he was Professor of European Private Law at the University of Amsterdam, where he was also the founding Director of the Centre for the Study of European Contract Law. Professor Hesselink is an editor of the European Review of Contract Law. He served as a member of the European Commission's expert group on European contract law and presented several reports on matters of contract and consumer law for the European Parliament. He has published on a variety of subjects in the fields of European private law and private law theory.

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        Towards a European Civil Code