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Boeken van Damien Geradin

Damien Geradin
Remedies in Network Industries; EC Competition Law Vs. Sector-specific Regulation
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Over the last decade, the European Union has undertaken major marketopening reforms in the area of network industries. The liberalization process has now been completed in the air transport and electronic communications sectors and has achieved considerable progress in other network industries, such as postal services, energy (electricity and gas), and rail transport. Meer
Cedric Argenton Damien Geradin Andreas Stephan
EU Cartel Law and Economics
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The significant evolution of EU competition law in the last 15 years has been fundamentally influenced by economic theory. Meer
Damien Geradin David Luff
The WTO and Global Convergence in Telecommunications and Audio-Visual Services
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This edited collection consolidates research on the current and future perspectives of international trade law applicable to telecommunications services and audiovisual services in a context of convergence. Meer
Damien Geradin
EC Competition Law and Economics
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This is the first EU competition law treatise that fully integrates economic reasoning in its treatment of the decisional practice of the European Commission and the case-law of the European Court of Justice. Meer

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