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Europees-internationaal recht

Giorgio Beretta, Piet Jan de Jonge, Edwin Thomas

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

This publication offers practical guidance by painting a clear picture of Brexit's impact on the existing VAT and tax framework at the EU level and beyond.

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Giorgio Beretta
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Fabian Amtenbrink
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Kimberly Motley
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Anton van Kalmthout
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Andy Greenberg
€ 32,58

Excess of Powers in International Commercial Arbitration

Although the idea of arbitral tribunal’s mandate is in everyday use in the international arbitration scholarship, it remains an elusive concept lacking any legal definition.
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paperbackEngels726 blz.2021
Verkooppositie Positie #96
The compilation uniquely combines these two areas of law in one single compilation, making it ideal for introductory courses in these fields.  Meer
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paperbackNederlands462 blz.2020
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Verkooppositie Positie #102
Dit boek is geschreven voor studenten en andere belangstellenden die indringend willen kennismaken met de grote leerstukken van het Europese recht.  Meer
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Verkooppositie Positie #106
The book, Visser’s Annotated European Patent Convention, is a commentary on the European Patent Convention and a bestseller in European patent law.  Meer
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paperbackNederlands946 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #126
Studying EU law at Dutch Universities and Hogescholen is an intellectual challenge but also a linguistic challenge.  Meer
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paperbackEngels656 blz.2019
Verkooppositie Positie #141
Clear and accessible, without compromising on rigour, it helps students to navigate all of the technicalities of competition law.  Meer
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paperbackNederlands440 blz.2019
Verkooppositie Positie #173
1 beoordeling
Inleiding tot het Nederlandse Internationaal Privaatrecht (12e druk) geldt binnen dit rechtsgebied al generaties lang als hét toonaangevende boek.  Meer
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Verkooppositie Positie #201
This book provides answers to the following questions: how do traditional principles of private international law relate to the requirements of the internal market for the realisation of the EU’s objectives regarding the protection of weaker parties such as consumers and employees?  Meer
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paperbackEngels400 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #203
Written with exceptional clarity, simplicity and precision, this short textbook provides a classic introduction to European law.  Meer
In herdruk, verschijningsdatum onbekend
paperbackNederlands935 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #206
Deze wettenbundel Internationaal Privaatrecht bevat wetten, verdragen en verordeningen.  Meer
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gebondenEngels544 blz.2021
Verkooppositie Positie #233
This incisive textbook enhances understanding of EU competition law, exploring significant substantive and enforcement issues relating to antitrust, merger control and state aid law.  Meer
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paperbackEngels136 blz.2019
Verkooppositie Positie #240
This cahier provides an overview of the freedom of establishment, one of the four freedoms central to the European Union’s single market.  Meer
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paperbackEngels368 blz.2021
Verkooppositie Positie #253
International Law presents a student-focused approach to the subject; clearly written with non-native English-speaking students in mind, a range of learning features highlight the areas of debate and encourage students to engage critically with key disputes.  Meer
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paperbackEngels418 blz.2019
Verkooppositie Positie #370
This second edition includes updated information about GDPR enforcement actions, along with guidance – relative to GDPR regulations – from authorities and regulators, including the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).  Meer
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paperbackEngels582 blz.2019
Verkooppositie Positie #375
This book provides for a comprehensive overview of the various areas of European labour law.  Meer
Verwachte levertijd ongeveer 6 werkdagen
paperbackEngels885 blz.2018
Verkooppositie Positie #382
International Health Law and Ethics. Basic Documents contains a collection of treaty documents and soft law on health care rights and health ethics, used in health law training programs.  Meer
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gebondenDuits1408 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #405
Insbesondere die wichtigen Verbraucher-, Versicherungs- und Arbeitsvertragsgerichtsstände bedürfen einer ständig voranschreitenden Präzisierung im Detail.  Meer
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paperbackEngels238 blz.2020
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Verkooppositie Positie #418
In the multi-level legal order, it is not unusual for a legal relationship between private parties to be governed by multiple Union rules on, for instance, non-discrimination, free movement, competition and the internal market more broadly.  Meer
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gebondenEngels688 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #419
Dit proefschrift biedt een actueel en diepgaand inzicht in de regulering van publieke financiering van falende banken in de Europese Unie (EU).  Meer
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paperbackNederlands340 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #424
Praktisch Europees Recht biedt inzicht in de basisregels omtrent het recht van de Europese Unie (EU).  Meer
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gebondenNederlands484 blz.2020
Verkooppositie Positie #430
Sdu Commentaar Internationaal Privaatrecht (Boek 10 BW) is een combinatie van een boek en online-uitgave waarin een artikelsgewijs commentaar op Boek 10 van het Burgerlijk Wetboek is opgenomen.  Meer
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