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Boeken van Andrew Williams

Dimitry Kochenov Gráinne de Búrca Andrew Williams
Europe's Justice Deficit?
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The legal and political evolution of the European Union has not, thus far, been accompanied by the articulation of any substantive ideal of justice going beyond the founders' intent or the economic objectives of the market integration project. Meer
Matthew Clayton Andrew Williams
Social Justice
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This reader brings together classic and contemporary contributions to debates about social justice.

A collection of classic and contemporary contributions to debates about social justice. Meer
Andrew Williams
The Ethos of Europe
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Can the EU become a 'just' institution? Andrew Williams considers this highly charged political and moral question by examining the role of five salient values said to be influential in the governance and law of the Union: peace, the rule of law, respect for human rights, democracy, and liberty. Meer
Andrew (University of Wisconsin-Stout, Department of Art & Art History) Williams Andrew Williams
History of Digital Games
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The growth of videogame design programs in higher education and explosion of amateur game development has created a need for a deeper understanding of game history that addresses not only "when," but "how" and "why. Meer
Roger Mac Ginty Andrew Williams
Conflict and Development
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In the five years since the first edition of Conflict and Development was published the awareness of the relationship between conflicts and development has grown exponentially. Meer

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