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Boeken van Alison Young

Alan Bogg Jacob Rowbottom Alison Young
The Constitution of Social Democracy
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This book is based upon the papers written by a group of leading international scholars on the 'constitution of social democracy'. Meer
Elizabeth Fisher Jeff King Alison Young
The Foundations and Future of Public Law
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Public law in the UK and EU has undergone seismic changes over the last forty years. Meer
Mark Elliott Jack Williams Alison Young
The UK Constitution after Miller - Brexit and Beyond
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Whatever form Brexit may eventually take, the impact that EU membership and the triggering of Brexit has already had on the UK's constitutional settlement is profound. Meer
Alison Young
Sovereignty and the Law
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The topic of sovereignty is contentious, and one of enduring interest. In a world of ever increasing economic globalisation, the rise of supranational regulation and the interconnected age of information and communication technology, among many other developments, have challenged the once exclusively held Westphalian model of sovereignty. Meer
Alison Young
Judging the Image
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Art, value, law - the links between these three terms mark a history of struggle in the cultural scene. Studies of contemporary culture have thus increasingly turned to the image as central to the production of legitimacy, aesthetics and order. Meer

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