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The Oxford Handbook of Law and Humanities

Gebonden, 896 blz. | Engels
Oxford University Press | 1e druk, 2020
ISBN13: 9780190695620
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Oxford University Press 1e druk, 2020 9780190695620
Onderdeel van serie Oxford Handbooks
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How does materiality matter to legal scholarship? What can affect studies offer to legal scholars? What are the connections among visual studies, art history, and the knowledge and experience of law? What can the disciplines of book history, digital humanities, performance studies, disability studies, and post-colonial studies contribute to contemporary and historical understandings of law? These are only some of the important questions addressed in this wide-ranging collection of law and humanities scholarship.

Collecting 45 new essays by leading international scholars, The Oxford Handbook of Law and Humanities showcases the work of law and humanities across disciplines, addressing methods, concepts and themes, genres, and areas of the law. The essays explore under-researched domains such as comics, videos, police files, form contracts, and paratexts, and shed new light on traditional topics, such as free speech, intellectual property, international law, indigenous peoples, immigration, evidence, and human rights. The Handbook provides an exciting new agenda for scholarship in law and humanities, and will be essential reading for anyone interested in the intersections of law and humanistic inquiry.


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Over Simon Stern

Simon Stern teaches law and English at the University of Toronto. His research focuses on the evolution of legal doctrines and methods in relation to literary and intellectual history. Recent and forthcoming publications include articles and book chapters on legal fictions, obscenity, copyright, criminal fraud, the place of narrative in law, and methodology in legal scholarship. He is co-editor, with Robert Spoo, of the Law and Literature series for Oxford University Press.

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Over Maksymilian Del Mar

Maksymilian Del Mar is Professor of Legal Theory and Legal Humanities at Queen Mary University of London, UK.

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Part I Methodologies
1. Materialism and Legal Historiography, From Bachelard to Benjamin
Christopher Tomlins
2. Legal Materiality
Hyo Yoon Kang and Sara Kendall
3. Law, Visual Studies, and Image History
Carolin Behrmann
4. Book History
Henrike Manuwald
5. Digital Humanities
Stephen Robertson
6. Postcolonial Studies
Renisa Mawani
7. Racial Ambiguity Blues: Contemporary Challenges for Racialization Theory in the Twenty-First Century
Camille Gear Rich
8. Disability, Law, and the Humanities: The Rise of Disability Legal Studies
Rabia Belt and Doron Dorfman
9. Psychoanalysis and Law
Tracy McNulty
10. Affect and Empathy Studies
Suzanne Keen
11. Mapping Law and Performance: Reflections on the Dilemmas of an Interdisciplinary Conjunction
Julie Stone Peters

Part II Themes
12. Spacetime in/and Law
Mariana Valverde
13. Boundaries, Walls, Envelopes, Rooms, and Other Spatialities of Law
Timothy Hyde
14. The Sociality of the Platform
Annelise Riles
15. Personhood
John Frow
16. Trauma, Memory, and the Law
Norman W. Spaulding
17. Challenging the Legal Self through Performance
Marett Leiboff
18. Accident
Daniel Williams
19. Facing Justice: Evidence, Legibility and Pensiveness in the Early Modern Imagination
Subha Mukherji
20. The Gap between Fairness and Law: Hamlet and Equity from a Cognitive Perspective
Ellen Spolsky
21. From Eternity to Here: Divine Accommodation and the Lost Language of Law
Nomi M. Stolzenberg
22. Machiavelli's Camillus and the Tension between Leadership and Democracy
John P. McCormick
23. Agonism, Democracy, and Law
Panu Minkkinen
24. An Anti-Liberal Defense of Free Speech: Foundations of Democracy in the Western Philosophical Canon
Eric Heinze

Part III Areas of Law
25. Family Law
Khiara M. Bridges
26. Human Rights
Elizabeth S. Anker
27. Immigration and the Imperial
Sherally Munshi
28. Indigenous Law
Gregory Ablavsky, Sarah Deer, and Justin Richland
29. Property: Changing Formations of Having and Being
Sarah Keenan
30. Intellectual Property's Queer Turn
Andrew Gilden
31. History, Literature, and Authority in International Law
Christopher N. Warren
32. Uncovering Credibility
Julia Simon-Kerr
33. Laws of Sex, Changed
Noa Ben-Asher
34. The Functions of Legal Literature and Case Reporting before and after Stare Decisis
Andrew Benjamin Bricker

Part IV Legal Genres
35. Trials and the Impressionism of Advocacy
Rex Ferguson
36. Maxims
Donald R. Davis, Jr.
37. Responsa
Ari Z. Bryen
38. Legal Treatise
Steven Wilf
39. Legal Codes as Cultural Products
Heikki Pihlajamäki
40. Form Contract
Tal Kastner
41. Legal Paratexts
Robert Spoo
42. Emblems
Valérie Hayaert
43. Video as Text/Archive
Bennett Capers
44. Police Records: An Intermedia Genre
Cristina Vatulescu
45. Comics
Hillary Chute


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