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Histories of Transnational Criminal Law

Gebonden, 368 blz. | Engels
Oxford University Press | 1e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9780192845702
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Oxford University Press 1e druk, 2021 9780192845702
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This edited collection provides an in-depth account of the history of key developments in transnational criminal law. While the history of international criminal law is now a much written about topic, the origins of most modern transnational criminal laws are not well understood. Histories of Transnational Criminal Law provides for the first time a set of legal histories of state efforts to combat and cooperate against transnational crime.

With contributions from a group of word-leading experts, this edited volume traverses a range of topics, beginning with the normative, intellectual, and institutional histories of transnational criminal law. It then moves to the histories of specific transnational crimes ranging across eras from piracy to cybercrime, and finishes by examining jurisdiction, modes of liability, different forms of procedural cooperation, and the predicament of the individual in transnational criminal law. The book highlights specific issues and how they have been resolved, in the loose assemblage of norms, institutions, and practices that constitutes transnational criminal law.


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Over Florian Jeßberger

Florian Jeßberger is the Director of the Franz von Liszt-Institute for International Criminal Law and holds the Chair in Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, International Criminal Law, and Modern Legal History at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. A co-editor of the Journal of International Criminal Justice, he has published widely on issues of German, international, and comparative criminal law. Before joining Humboldt-Universität, he held the Chair in Criminal Law, International Criminal Law, and Modern Legal History at Universität Hamburg where he also served as a Vice Dean. He was a visiting fellow or professor, inter alia, at the University of Oxford, the University of Ferrara, and the University of Naples Féderico II.

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Introduction, Neil Boister, Sabine Gless & Florian Jeßberger

1:Norms, Procedures, and Practices of Transnational Criminal Law in Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Europe, Karl Härter
2:Criminological Reformism and Transnational Criminal Law (1870s-1930s), Michele Pifferi
3:The Growth of the Multilateral Suppression Conventions in the First Half of the Twentieth Century, Neil Boister
4:Transnational Epistemic Communities: From the League of Nations to the United Nations War Crimes Commission, Kerstin von Lingen
5:Gerhard Mueller's Role in Developing the Concept of Transnational Crime for the United Nations, Mangai Natarajan
6:The Emergence of Criminal Law Norms in International Organizations, Frank Meyer
7:Transnational Criminal Courts: A Partially-Realized Idea, Sara Wharton and Robert J. Currie
8:A History of Maritime Piracy: A Transnational Crime in Need of Transnational Substantive Criminal Law, Masha Fedorova and Piet Hein van Kempen
9:British Anti-Slave-Trade Treaties with African and Arab Leaders as Precursors of Modern Suppression Conventions, Roger S. Clark
10:Social Anarchy, 'Common Danger', or Political 'Terrorism'? Origins of Transnational Legal Suppression of Terrorism in the Unification of Criminal Laws 1927-1935, Ben Saul
11:The History of the Global Anti-Human Trafficking Agenda, with a Focus on Prostitution and Sexual Exploitation, Heli Askola
12:A Short History of Smuggling of Migrants in International Law, Andreas Schloenhardt
13:Organized Crime: The Road to the Palermo Convention, Serena Forlati
14:The Origins of International Anti-Corruption Law: The Failed Negotiation of an International Agreement on Illicit Payments, Cecily Rose
15:Corporate Liability for Economic Crimes: A Contested Transnational History, Michael Elliot and Felix Lüth
16:The Illicit Trade in Cultural Objects: from Marginalization to the Current Surge in Attention by Transnational Criminal Policy Makers, Arianna Visconti
17:The Emerging History of Transnational Criminal Law Relating to Cybercrime, Dominik Brodowski
18:A Historical Perspective on Modes of Liability in Transnational Criminal Law, Anneke Petzsche
19:A Short History of Jurisdiction in Transnational Criminal Law, Florian Jeßberger
20:The Making of Modern International Extradition Law, Joanna Harrington
21:The Historical Development of International Law Enforcement Cooperation - the Case of Interpol, Saskia Hufnagel
22:The Acquisition of Legal Status by Individuals in Transnational Criminal Proceedings in Europe, Sabine Gless

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        Histories of Transnational Criminal Law