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Transnational Commercial Law

Texts, Cases and Materials

Paperback, 776 blz. | Engels
Oxford University Press | 2e druk, 2015
ISBN13: 9780198735441
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Jongbloed : Ondernemingsrecht
Oxford University Press 2e druk, 2015 9780198735441
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When the first edition of this student work was published some eight years ago transnational commercial law, introduced as a postgraduate course at the University of Oxford in 1995, was taught at a relatively small number of law schools.

Since then the subject has blossomed and is now taught at law schools around the world. Focused on the products and processes of the harmonization of law relating to international commercial transactions, the book is an invaluable resource for students in this field.

In this new edition the work has been completely revised and updated, covering a number of new or substantially revised international instruments. In addition four new chapters have been added by specialist contributors dealing with regional harmonization, carriage of goods by sea, transactions in securities and the relationship between international conventions and national law.

The authority of the text is enhanced by the fact that all the authors have played leading roles in the drafting and development of many of the instruments examined in the work.


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Introduction, Sir Roy Goode, Professor Herbert Kronke, Professor Ewan McKendrick

Part I: General Principles
1:The Nature, History and Sources of Commercial Law, Sir Roy Goode
2:2. The Conflict of Laws in Commercial Transactions, Professor Herbert Kronke
3:International Law as it Affects Private Law Conventions Governing Cross-border Commercial Transactions, Sir Roy Goode
4:Comparative Law and Its Relevance to Transnational Commercial Law, Sir Roy Goode
5:The Harmonization of Commercial Law: Instruments and Institutions, Professor Anna Veneziano
6:Regional Harmonization, Professor Anna Veneziano
7:The Harmonization Process, Sir Roy Goode

Part II: A View Through Illustrative Contracts and Harmonizing Instruments
8:International Sales and the Vienna Sales Convention, Professor Ewan McKendrick
9:Carriage of Goods by the Sea, Professor Caslav Pejovic
10:Agency and Distribution, Professor Herbert Kronke and Professor Ewan McKendrick
11:International Bank Payment Undertakings, Sir Roy Goode
12:Financial Leasing: the 1998 UNIDROIT Convention and the UNIDROIT Draft Model Law, Sir Roy Goode
13:Receivables Financing: the UNIDROIT Convention on International Factoring and the United Nations Convention on the Assignment of Receivables in International Trade, Sir Roy Goode
14:International Interests in Mobile Equipment and the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol: Adding a New Dimension to International Law-making, Sir Roy Goode
15:Transactions in Securities, Dr Thomas Keijser

Part III: Harmonization of General Contract Law
16:Restatements of Contract Law, Professor Ewan McKendrick

Part IV: Transnational Insolvency
17:Harmonization and Co-operation in Cross-border Insolvency, Sir Roy Goode
Part V: International Dispute Resolution
18:International Civil Procedure, Professor Herbert Kronke
19:International Commercial Arbitration, Professor Ewan McKendrick

Part VI: Reccurent Issues of Harmonization
20:The Sphere of Application of a Convention: the Role of the Conflict of Laws; Determining the Connecting Factor; Co-existence and Conflicts of Instruments, Professor Herbert Kronke
21:Uniformity in Transnational Commercial Law, Professor Herbert Kronke
22:The Relationship between International Conventions and National Law, Professor Jeffrey Wool

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        Transnational Commercial Law