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Gatley on Libel and Slander

Gebonden, blz. | Engels
Sweet & Maxwell | 13e druk, 2022
ISBN13: 9780414099708
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Jongbloed : Strafrecht diversen
Sweet & Maxwell 13e druk, 2022 9780414099708
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Now in its thirteenth edition and part of the prestigious Common Law Library, Gatley on Libel and Slander has established itself as the definitive work on defamation law and practice.

The work has been comprehensively updated and restructured throughout to provide a thorough examination of the English law of defamation and other media and communications claims, including malicious falsehood, privacy, data protection and harassment – both substantive and procedural.

- New chapters on serious harm and the defences of truth, honest opinion and publication on a matter of public interest
- Fully revised chapter on pre-trial applications including preliminary trials of meaning
- Dedicated chapters on misuse of private information and data protection
- Review of all key case law including Lachaux, Stocker, Serafin, Lloyd v Google, Economou, Wright v Ver, Wright v Granath, Corbyn v Millett, Duchess of Sussex v Associated, and Soriano v Forensic News
- Consideration of legal developments in Commonwealth and common law jurisdictions

In addition to providing detailed commentary and expert analysis of the substantive law, it offers comprehensive guidance on the procedural aspects of bringing an action. This advice is complemented with example forms and precedents for issuing proceedings and summaries of key damages awards, making it both a practical and authoritative reference.

- The authority on the law of defamation with expert analysis of the law and all significant developments in libel and slander, malicious falsehood and privacy.
-Detailed coverage of the relevant procedure for practising defamation law – serving as a one-stop reference at every stage of an action.
-Examines the defamatory statement including slanders actionable, publication, identifying the person defamed and addresses the question: who may sue or be sued?
- Looks at the various available remedies including compensatory, aggravated and exemplary damages.
- Commentary on related causes of action such as malicious falsehood, misuse of private information and other causes arising from statements.
- Explores available defences with discussion of honest comment, absolute and qualified privilege, publication in public interest and more.
- Comprehensive examination of the procedure for bringing an action from interim injunctions and particulars of claim to counterclaims, apologies, the trial and appeals.
- Relevant cases from other jurisdictions with commentary on their relevance to UK law and procedure, including decisions from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
- Discusses the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the continuing effect of the Human Rights Act on defamation law.
- Provides forms and precedents for issuing proceedings, statements of case and settlement and reproduces relevant excerpts of key statutes.
- Includes an appendix with statutes, procedural rules and damages awards.




Part One: The Defamatory Statement
1. Introduction
2. Defamatory Imputations
3. The Form and Meaning of the Defamatory Statement
4. Slanders Actionable Per Se
5. Slander Actionable Only on Proof of Special Damage
6. Publication
7. Identity of the Person Defamed
8. Parties: Who May Sue or Be Sued
9. Remedies

Part Two: Defences
10. Defences: General
11. Truth (Justification)
12. Honest Comment
13. Absolute Privilege
14. Qualified Privilege at Common Law
15. Publication on a Matter of Public Interest
16. Qualified Privilege Statute
17. Malice and Qualified Privilege
18. Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
19. Other Defences

Part Three: Other Causes of Action and Related Matters
20. Scope of this Part
21. Malicious Falsehood
22. Misuse of Private Information
23. Other Causes of Action Arising from Statements

Part Four: The Action
24. The Initial Stages
25. Interim Injunctions
26. Particulars of Claim
27. Defence
28. Reply and Defence to Counterclaim
29. Apology, Offer of Amends and Compromise
30. Pre-trial Applications
31. Interlocutory Matters
32. The Trial: The Claimant’s Case
33. The Trial: The Defendant’s Case
34. The Trial: Functions of Judge and Jury
35. The Trial: The Final Stages
36. Appeal

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