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Law and Mind

A Survey of Law and the Cognitive Sciences

Gebonden, 400 blz. | Engels
Cambridge University Press | e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9781108486002
Juridisch :
Cambridge University Press e druk, 2021 9781108486002
Onderdeel van serie Law and the Cognitiv
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Are the cognitive sciences relevant for law? How do they influence legal theory and practice? Should lawyers become part-time cognitive scientists? The recent advances in the cognitive sciences have reshaped our conceptions of human decision-making and behavior. Many claim, for instance, that we can no longer view ourselves as purely rational agents equipped with free will. This change is vitally important for lawyers, who are forced to rethink the foundations of their theories and the framework of legal practice. Featuring multidisciplinary scholars from around the world, this book offers a comprehensive overview of the emerging field of law and the cognitive sciences. It develops new theories and provides often provocative insights into the relationship between the cognitive sciences and various dimensions of the law including legal philosophy and methodology, doctrinal issues, and evidence.


Aantal pagina's:400
Uitgever:Cambridge University Press


1. Between Law and the Cognitive Sciences. A Manifesto Bartosz Brożek, Jaap Hage; Part I. Metatheory and Methodology: 2. Are the Cognitive Sciences Relevant for Law? Jaap Hage; 3. Social and Normative Facts Carsten Heidemann; 4. Law, Folk Psychology and Cognitive Science Łukasz. Kurek; 5. Law and the Cognitive Science of Ordinary Concepts Kevin Tobia; Part II. Ontology and Epistemology: 6. Cognitive Science and the Nature of Law Corrado Roversi; 7. The Architecture of the Legal Mind Bartosz Brożek; 8. The Psychology of the Trial Judge Morris B. Hoffman; 9. Institutional Design and the Psychology of the Trial Judge Adi Leibovitch; 10. Bias as the Surface or the Core? A Comment on the Psychology of the Trial Judge Eyal Aharoni; Part III. Legal Doctrine and Cognitive Sciences: 11. Private Law and Cognitive Science Przemyslaw Palka; 12. Private Law and Cognitive Science: A Methodological Commentary Bartosz Brożek, Marek Jakubiec; 13. Responsibility, Liability, and Retribution Jaap Hage and Antonia Waltermann; 14. Guilt in Criminal Law: Guilt in Us or in Stars? Mikołaj Małecki and Marek Sławiński; 15. The Insanity Defense Gerben Meynen; 16. Thoughts on the Insanity Defense Lisa Claydon and Paul Catley; Part IV. Evidence: 17. Implications of Neurotechnology: Brain Recording and Intervention Pim Haselager; 18. Neuroimaging Evidence in US Courts Jane Campbell Moriarty; 19.1. Neuroscientific Evidence in Context D.W. Denno; 20. Some Issues in Interpreting Neuroscientific Evidence Bartłomiej Kucharzyk; 21. Explanation-Based Approaches to Reasoning About Evidence and Proof in Criminal Trials Anne Ruth Mackor, Hylke Jellema and Peter J van Koppen; Part V. Dissenting Opinions: 22. A Non-Naturalist Account of Law's Place in Reality George Pavlakos; 23. The Law & Cognitive Science Enterprise: A Few Analytic Notes Pierluigi Chiassoni; 24. The Cognitive Approach in Legal Science and Practice: A History of Four Revolutions Jerzy Stelmach.

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        Law and Mind