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Just Culture

Restoring Trust and Accountability in Your Organization, Third Edition

Paperback, 164 blz. | Engels
Taylor & Francis | 3e druk, 2016
ISBN13: 9781472475787
Juridisch :
Taylor & Francis 3e druk, 2016 9781472475787
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A just culture is a culture of trust, learning and accountability. It is particularly important when an incident has occurred; when something has gone wrong. How do you respond to the people involved? What do you do to minimize the negative impact, and maximize learning? This third edition of Sidney Dekker’s extremely successful Just Culture offers new material on restorative justice and ideas about why your people may be breaking rules. Supported by extensive case material, you will learn about safety reporting and honest disclosure, about retributive just culture and about the criminalization of human error. Some suspect a just culture means letting people off the hook. Yet they believe they need to remain able to hold people accountable for undesirable performance. In this new edition, Dekker asks you to look at 'accountability' in different ways. One is by asking which rule was broken, who did it, whether that behavior crossed some line, and what the appropriate consequences should be. In this retributive sense, an 'account' is something you get people to pay, or settle. But who will draw that line? And is the process fair? Another way to approach accountability after an incident is to ask who was hurt. To ask what their needs are. And to explore whose obligation it is to meet those needs. People involved in causing the incident may well want to participate in meeting those needs. In this restorative sense, an 'account' is something you get people to tell, and others to listen to. Learn to look at accountability in different ways and your impact on restoring trust, learning and a sense of humanity in your organization could be enormous.


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Case Study – When Does a Mistake Stop being Honest? Retributive and Restorative Just Cultures. Case Study – Are all Mistakes Equal? Why do your People Break the Rules? Case Study – Hindsight and Shooting Down an Airliner. Safety Reporting and Honest Disclosure. Case Study – A Nurse’s Error Became a Crime. The Criminalization of Human Error. Case Study – Industry Responses to Criminalization. What is the Right Thing to do? Case Study – There’s Never one ‘True Story’.

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