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The Practical Guide to Mooting

Paperback, 272 blz. | Engels
Hart Publishing | 2e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9781509935031
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Hart Publishing 2e druk, 2021 9781509935031
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A must-read for students involved in mooting, this new edition of Jeffrey Hill's textbook has been fully updated and revised, and provides students with clear and compelling advice on every aspect of mooting.

The book covers:
- key aspects of the legal system;
- the way in which moots are assessed;
- what the judges are looking for;
- how to structure a legal argument; and
- how to prepare a skeleton argument and bundles.

The text is accompanied by videos of Supreme Court hearings so that students can learn from, and emulate, the advocacy skills of some of the most eminent advocates and lawyers.


Aantal pagina's:272


The Use of UK Supreme Court Clips to Accompany this Book
Table of Cases
Table of Legislation and Related Instruments

Part I: Introductory Issues
1. An Introduction to Mooting
2. Knowledge of Key Aspects of the Legal System
3. A Guide to Researching Your Submissions and Preparing for the Moot

Part II: The Judging and Assessment of Moots: What are the Judges Looking for?
4. Before the Moot: Preparation of Skeleton Arguments and Bundles
5. At the Moot: Referring to Legal Authorities and Using Your Bundle Effectively
6. At the Moot: Style, Presentation and Etiquette
7. At the Moot: Demonstrating Relevant Legal Knowledge and Structure
8. At the Moot: Responding to Your Opponent's Submissions
9. At the Moot: Dealing with the Judges
10. After the Moot: Reflecting on Performance and Dealing with Feedback
11. The Organisation of Moots and Mooting Competitions
12. Advice on Competing in Mooting Competitions in the UK
13. Getting Involved in International Mooting Competitions
14. Further Reading and Viewing

Appendix: Moot Problems

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        The Practical Guide to Mooting