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The Times and Temporalities of International Human Rights Law

Gebonden, 256 blz. | Engels
Bloomsbury Publishing | 1e druk, 2022
ISBN13: 9781509949908
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Bloomsbury Publishing 1e druk, 2022 9781509949908
Onderdeel van serie Human Rights Law in Perspective
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This collection brings together a range of international contributors to stimulate discussions on time and international human rights law, a topic that has been given little attention to date. The book explores how time and its diverse forms can be understood to operate on, and in, this area of law; how time manifests in the theory and practice of human rights law internationally; and how specific areas of human rights can be understood via temporal analyses.

A range of temporal ideas and their connection to this area of law are investigated. These include collective memory, ideas of past, present and future, emergency time, the times of environmental change, linearity and non-linearity, multiplicitous time, and the connections between time and space or materiality. Rather than a purely abstract or theoretical endeavour, this dedicated attention to the times and temporalities of international human rights law will assist in better understanding this law, its development, and its operation in the present. What emerges from the collection is a future – or, more precisely, futures – for time as a vehicle of analysis for those working within human rights law internationally.


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Over Kathryn McNeilly

Kathryn McNeilly is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law, Queen’s University, UK.

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Over Ben Warwick

Ben Warwick is Reader at Birmingham Law School, UK.

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Foreword: Thoughts for the Times of Human Rights
Lyndsey Stonebridge, University of Birmingham, UK

Kathryn McNeilly, Queen's University Belfast, UK, and Ben Warwick, University of Birmingham, UK

1. The Temporality of Memory and the Authority of the European Court of Human Rights
Frederick Cowell, Birkbeck, University of London, UK
2. The Temporalities of Environmental Human Rights
Julia Dehm, La Trobe University, Australia
3. The Temporal Trap of Human Rights
Stephen M Young, University of Otago, Canada
4. Documents and Time in International Human Rights Law Monitoring: Artefacts, Objects, Things
Kathryn McNeilly, Queen's University Belfast, UK
5. Gender, Temporality and International Human Rights Law: From Hidden Histories to Feminist Futures
Kay Lalor, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
6. International Human Rights Law and Time-Space at Sea: A Rhythmanalysis of Prosecuting Search and Rescue
Fadia Dakka, Birmingham City University, UK, and Daria Davitti, Lund University, Sweden
7. Human Rights after Fukuyama
Michele Tedeschini, Harvard University, USA
8. Queer Temporalities and Human Rights
Anthony J Langlois, Flinders University, Australia
9. Against the Eternal Law(s) of Human Rights: Towards a Becoming-Chaotic of Time
Christos Marneros, University of Kent, UK
10. From Crisis to Quotidian: Countering the Temporal Myopia of Jus Cogens
Mary H Hansel, University of California, USA
11. Human Rights Futures
Paul O'Connell, SOAS University of London, UK

Afterword: Between the Times
Samuel Moyn, Yale University, USA

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        The Times and Temporalities of International Human Rights Law