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Personality Psychology

Domains of Knowledge about Human Nature

Paperback, blz. | Engels
McGraw-Hill Education | 3e druk, 2020
ISBN13: 9781526847874
Hoofdrubriek : Psychologie
Juridisch :
McGraw-Hill Education 3e druk, 2020 9781526847874
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Personality makes us who we are and influences every aspect of our lives - from how we interact withothers, to how we respond in stressful situations. Personality Psychology uses a unique organizationalframework to explore the six key domains of knowledge about personality - Dispositional, Biological,Intrapsychic, Cognitive/Experiential, Social/Cultural and Adjustment. This third edition focuses on the scientificbasis of current understanding, highlighting contemporary research while also covering classic viewpoints.

Key features:* Updated chapter on Culture and Personality with an expanded review of international research* Extensively revised chapter on Personality Disorders, covering the DSM-5 and its hybrid model* New and refreshed pedagogy including 'Application boxes', which examine how personalitytheories and research are used in real-world situations* 'A Closer Look' sections, which explore core topics and influential studies to enhance students'understanding* New and updated Exercises to encourage critical reflection and the application of theory topersonal experience* A fully revised chapter on Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality, including historicalperspectives and extended coverage of Object Relations Theory and Ego PsychologyConnect (R) Psychology is McGraw Hill's digital learning and teaching environment. Students - You get easy online access to homework, tests and quizzes designed by your instructor. You get immediate feedback on how you're doing, making it the perfect platform to test your knowledge.

Lecturers - Connect (R) gives you the power to create auto-graded assignments, tests and quizzes online. The detailed visual reporting allows you to easily monitor your students' progress. In addition, you canaccess key support materials for your teaching, including a testbank and lecture support.

Randy Larsen is the William R. Stuckenberg Professor of Human Values and Moral Development at WashingtonUniversity in St. Louis.

His recent classes include personality psychology and ethics for scientists. David Buss is Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Individual Differences and EvolutionaryPsychology (IDEP) programme at the University of Texas at Austin. Andreas Wismeijer lectures in personality psychology and a multitude of other courses at Tilburg University andNyenrode Business University.

He is a prolific writer of articles on psychology. John Song is the interim Head of the School of Applied Social Sciences at De Montfort University, where he has alsotaught personality, individual differences and research methods as an Associate Professor. Stephanie van den Berg is Associate Professor at the University of Twente where she teaches statistics, data scienceand psychometrics to students in the behavioural sciences.

Bertus Jeronimus teaches courses on personality and individual differences, as well as lifespan development andsocialization, at Groningen University. He is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.



Over Andreas Wismeijer

Andreas Wismeijer is psycholoog en als docent en onderzoeker verbonden aan de Universiteit van Tilburg. Hij is specialist in de psychologie van geheimen. Hierover schreef hij zijn boek 'Geheimen. De psychologie van wat we niet vertellen'. verder is hij regelmatig te zien als gast op radio of televisie, zoals b.v. 'de Wereld Leert door.'

Andere boeken door Andreas Wismeijer


1 Introduction to Personality Psychology
2 Personality Assessment, Measurement and Research Design

Part I: The Dispositional Domain
3 Traits and Trait Taxonomies
4 Measurement Issues in Trait Psychology
5 Personality Dispositions over Time: Stability and Change

Part II: The Biological Domain
6 Genetics and Personality
7 Physiological Approaches to Personality
8 Evolutionary Perspectives on Personality

Part III: The Intrapsychic Domain
9 Psychoanalytic Approaches to Personality
10 Motives and Personality
Part IV: The Cognitive/Experiential Domain
11 Cognitive Topics in Personality
12 Intelligence
13 Emotion and Personality
14 Approaches to the Self

Part V: The Social and Cultural Domain
15 Personality and Social Interaction
16 Sex, Gender and Personality
17 Culture and Personality

Part VI: The Adjustment Domain
18 Stress, Coping, Adjustment and Health
19 Disorders of Personality
20 Summary and Future Directions

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