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The Future of Registered Partnerships

Family Recognition Beyond Marriage?

Paperback, 612 blz. | Engels
Intersentia | 1e druk, 2017
ISBN13: 9781780684291
Intersentia 1e druk, 2017 9781780684291
Onderdeel van serie European Family Law Series
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A book series dedicated to the harmonisation and unification of family and succession law in Europe. The series includes comparative legal studies and materials as well as studies on the effects of international and European law making within the national legal systems in Europe. The books are published in English, French or German under the auspices of the Organising Committee of the Commission on European Family Law (CEFL).

In many jurisdictions registered partnerships were introduced either as a functional equivalent to marriage for same-sex couples or as an alternative to marriage open to all couples. But now that marriage is opened up to same-sex couples in an increasing number of jurisdictions, is there a role and a need for another form of formalised adult relationship besides marriage?

In this book, leading family law experts from 15 European and non-European countries explore the history and function of registered partnership in their own jurisdictions. Further chapters look at the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights and European Union Law on the regulation of registered partnerships. In the concluding chapters the different approaches are analysed and compared.

This book provides the foundation for an informed discussion not only on changes to the implementation of registered partnership schemes, but also more generally for reviewing the law concerning the recognition of adult relationships.


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Introduction and Questionnaire (p. 1)

Part I. Registered Partnerships as a Functional Equivalent to Marriage
Registered Partnerships in Denmark (p. 17)
Registered Partnerships in Norway (p. 43)
Registered Partnerships in Sweden (p. 71)
Registered Partnerships in Iceland (p. 101)

Part II. Registered Partnerships as an Alternative to Marriage
Registered Partnerships in the Netherlands (p. 119)
Registered Partnerships in France (p. 153)

Part III. Registered Partnerships in a Time of Transition
Registered Partnerships in England and Wales (p. 185)
Registered Partnerships in Scotland (p. 225)
Registered Partnerships in Northern Ireland (p. 253)
Registered Partnerships in the Republic of Ireland (p. 277)
Registered Partnerships in Greece and Cyprus (p. 301)

Part IV. Alternative Models for Registered Partnerships: Beyond Conjugality, Beyond Formality
Registered Partnerships in Spain (p. 347)
Registered Partnerships in Belgium (p. 381)
Registered Partnerships in Belgium (p. 380)
Registered Partnerships in Australia (p. 411)
Registered Partnerships in New Zealand (p. 439)

Part V. Registered Partnerships, Discrimination and Human Rights
An ECHR Right to Access a Registered Partnership? (p. 469)
Registered Partnerships in European Union Law (p. 497)

Part VI. Comparative Perspective and Conclusions
The Future of Civil Partnership in England and Wales (p. 525)
The Past, Present and Future of Registered Partnerships (p. 561)

Index (p. 587)

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        The Future of Registered Partnerships