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At the Frontiers of State Responsibility

Socio-economic Rights and Cooperation on Migration

Paperback, 325 blz. | Engels
Intersentia | 1e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9781839701481
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Intersentia 1e druk, 2021 9781839701481
Onderdeel van serie Human Rights Research Series
Verwachte levertijd ongeveer 6 werkdagen


States in the Global North increasingly cooperate with those in the Global South to stem irregular migration flows. As a result, many refugees and migrants are contained in Global South States with relatively weak track records in terms of socio-economic rights. This raises questions as to the responsibility of the various States involved for their plight. Yet existing scholarship pays scant attention to the fact that migration control agreements often result in widespread violations of the socio-economic rights of people on the move contained in the Global South. This book fills this gap in the literature by examining the States that are responsible for these violations.

First, the book depicts the plight of people on the move contained in the Global South and traces the development of cooperative migration control policies. Second, it examines to what extent sponsor States in the Global North and partner States in the Global South have obligations under international human rights law to realise the socio-economic rights of people on the move. It analyses the scope of partner States’ obligations towards people on the move on their territory as well as sponsor States’ extraterritorial obligations, including both their direct obligations - triggered when they exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction - and their global obligations of international assistance and cooperation. Lastly, the book explores the circumstances under which each State involved in migration control incurs responsibility for the violations of the socio-economic rights of people on the move and how the responsibility of one State relates to that of another.

This book is particularly relevant for human rights and migration scholars, as well as legal scholars working on issues of shared responsibility more generally. It would also be of interest to policy makers, lawyers and judges who face complex legal questions raised by cooperative migration control.


Aantal pagina's:325


Chapter 1: Introduction (p. 1)
Chapter 2: Socio-economic Rights and Cooperative Migration Control Policies (p. 37)
Chapter 3: Conceptualising State Obligations Towards People on the Move (p. 73)
Chapter 4: The Obligations of Partner States (p. 113)
Chapter 5: The Obligations of Sponsor States (p. 141)
Chapter 6: State Responsibility and Cooperative Migration Control (p. 181)
Chapter 7: Shared Responsibility and Cooperative Migration Control (p. 219)
Chapter 8: Conclusion (p. 245)

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        At the Frontiers of State Responsibility