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Contents and Effects of Contracts -Lessons to Learn From The Common European Sales Law

Gebonden, 295 blz. | Engels
Springer-Verlag New York Inc. | 1e druk, 2016
ISBN13: 9783319280721
Springer-Verlag New York Inc. 1e druk, 2016 9783319280721
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This book presents a critical analysis of the rules on the contents and effects of contracts included in the proposal for a Common European Sales Law (CESL). The European Commission published this proposal in October 2011 and then withdrew it in December 2014, notwithstanding the support the proposal had received from the European Parliament in February 2014. On 6 May 2015, in its Communication 'A Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe', the Commission expressed its intention to "make an amended legislative proposal (…) further harmonising the main rights and obligations of the parties to a sales contract".

The critical comments and suggestions contained in this book, to be understood as lessons to learn from the CESL, intend to help not only the Commission but also other national and supranational actors, both public and private (including courts, lawyers, stakeholders, contract parties, academics and students) in dealing with present and future European and national instruments in the field of contract law.

The book is structured into two parts. The first part contains five essays exploring the origin, the ambitions and the possible future role of the CESL and its rules on the contents and effects of contracts. The second part contains specific comments to each of the model rules on the contents and effects of contracts laid down in Chapter 7 CESL (Art. 66-78).

Together, the essays and comments in this volume contribute to answering the question of whether and to what extent rules such as those laid down in Art. 66-78 CESL could improve or worsen the position of consumers and businesses in comparison to the correspondent provisions of national contract law. The volume adopts a comparative perspective focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on German and Dutch law.


Aantal pagina's:295


Contents and Effects of Contracts: Lessons to Learn from the CESL
-Colombi Ciacchi, Aurelia - Pages 3-10

Origin and Ambitions of the Common European Sales Law, Especially Its Chapter on Contents and Effects
-Remien, Oliver - Pages 11-19

The Many Advantages of a Common European Sales Law
-Hondius, Ewoud - Pages 21-28

Identification of Gaps and Gap-Filling under the Common European Sales Law – A Model for Uniform Law Instruments?
-Busch, Christoph - Pages 29-44

The Digital Single Market and Legal Certainty: A Critical Analysis
-Castermans, Alex Geert (et al.) - Pages 45-72

Art. 66–68: The Sources of Contract Terms Under the CESL
-Beale, Hugh - Pages 75-102

Art. 66–68: Implied Terms in the CESL: Different Approaches?
-Krans, Bart - Pages 103-113

Art. 67: Contract Interpretation and the Role of ‘Trade Usage’ in a Common European Sales Law
-Mak, Vanessa - Pages 115-132

Art. 69: Pre-contractual Statements Under Article 69 CESL – Remake or Revolution?
-Seifert, Bernd - Pages 133-171

Art. 70: The Duty to Raise Awareness of Not Individually Negotiated Contract Terms
-Patti, Salvatore - Pages 173-178

Art. 70–71: Incorporation and Making Available of Standard Contract Terms
-Loos, Marco - Pages 179-202

The Effect of Merger and Non-Reliance Clauses According to Art. 72 of the Commission’s Draft of the Common European Sales Law (CESL) – A Model for New Instruments for International or European (Consumer) Sales Law?
-Pinkel, Tobias - Pages 203-225

Art. 73–75: Price Determination
-Heutger, Viola - Pages 227-235

Art. 74: The “Grossly Unreasonable” Unilateral Determination of Price or Other Contract Terms and Its Substitution Under the Proposed Art 74 CESL
-Halfmeier, Axel (et al.) - Pages 237-254

Art. 76: The ‘Stick to the Language’ Rule
-Rott, Peter - Pages 255-267

Art. 77: Contracts of Indeterminate Duration: Article 77 CESL – A Comment from a German Perspective
-Weber, Franziska - Pages 269-286

Art. 78: Third Party Stipulation and Consumer Protection
-Ancery, Alain - Pages 287-295

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        Contents and Effects of Contracts -Lessons to Learn From The Common European Sales Law