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Particle Image Velocimetry

Progress Towards Industrial Application

Paperback, 540 blz. | Engels
Springer Netherlands | 0e druk, 2010
ISBN13: 9789048153947
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Springer Netherlands 0e druk, 2010 9789048153947
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The aeronautics industry is presently aiming for faster design cycles and shorter time to market of new aircraft. It is looking at the same time for improved aerodynamic performance, for evident competitive reasons. Advanced, computer based design systems, including fast and reliable numerical flow solvers, have been developed in the last decade including new turbulence models. On the experimental side, measurement techniques in general have also been improved significantly, however the data evaluation process remains still very time consuming, and unsteady effects and turbulence are often not being captured with sufficient accuracy and detail. The development of Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) has helped to improve the analysis of the flow fields. After investigations in laboratory scale wind tunnels, a joint initiative on PIV research, by the European Aerospace Research Establishments, within GARTEUR have enabled a wide breakthrough of this new technology in Europe. Within the Research Framework Program of the European Union, the joint research project EUROPIV aimed to apply PIV technology to problems of industrial interest.


Aantal pagina's:540
Uitgever:Springer Netherlands


1. Introduction.1.1. Industrial Objectives. 1.2. State of the Art. 1.3. References. 2. Tests and Comparison of Different Recording Set-ups. 2.1. Description of Test Experiment. 2.2. DV Measurements by ONERA. 2.3. Recording Set-Ups. 2.4. Samples of Images. 2.5. Conclusion. 2.6. References. 3. Test and Comparison of Various Methods of Analysis and Post-Processing on a Database of PIV Records. 3.1. Description of the Database. 3.2. Description of NETCDF Format. 3.3. Description of Evaluation Systems. 3.4. Samples of Images and Analysis. 3.5. Conclusion. 3.6. References. Annex: PIV Records and Vector Plots. 4. Full scale PIV Test in an Industrial Facility. 4.1. Introduction. 4.2. Description of Experiment. 4.3. Data Evaluation. 4.4. Experimental Results. 4.5. Conclusion. 4.6. References. 5. Numerical Simulation of the Industrial Test. 5.1. Steady Navier-Stokes Computations. 5.2. Unsteady Navier-Stokes Computations. 5.3. Conclusion. 5.4. References. 6. New Developments of the Method. 6.1. Seeding. 6.2. Video Recording. 6.3. Extension to Three Components Measurements. 6.4. Conclusion. 6.5. References. 7. General Conclusion. Annex 1: Individual Papers. Annex 2: Color Figures.

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