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Law and Life. Why Law?

Gebonden, 180 blz. | Engels
Springer Nature GmbH | e druk, 2019
ISBN13: 9783030018474
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Juridisch : Algemeen juridisch
Springer Nature GmbH e druk, 2019 9783030018474
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This book is based on the assumption that the world is governed by a widespread field of interconnected laws. In this field man-made laws - legal laws - have to coexist with the laws of nature, the laws of science and the laws of logic. They have to find their place in relation to a certain society. They have to relate to the demands of morality, ethics, custom and trust. They have to follow the laws of language. They have to deal with a variety of professional and esthetic rules. They have to defend their position between art and craft. Finally, and significantly, they have to cope with a host of different ideas about truth.
This book approaches law as a human construct meant to strengthen society as it develops through the ages. Knowledge of the law - legal knowledge - is of doubtful value if it ignores the demands and ideals of society. The same goes for the thinking leading to legal knowledge.
This book focuses on a basic concept. That concept is met if the legal thinking, leading to legal knowledge, reaches the level of an independent, law and society oriented, contemplative discipline. A discipline which is in that sense and to that extent in touch with - cherished or less cherished - parts of given law.


Aantal pagina's:180
Hoofdrubriek:Algemeen juridisch


1. Law and Life.- 2. The Rule of Law.- 3. Law and Society.- 4. Homo iuridicus versus homo societatis.- 5. The Social Bond.- 6. Summary and Last Remarks.

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        Law and Life. Why Law?