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Critical Essays on Human Rights Criticism

E-book, 350 blz. Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging | Engels
Eleven International Publishing | 1e druk, 2020
ISBN13: 9789054545262
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Eleven International Publishing Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging 1e druk, 2020 9789054545262
Onderdeel van serie Issues in Constitutional law
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Decades of talk of the human rights revolution has triggered impatience and disappointment with a once cherished idea(l). Lately the backlash has received momentum from populist and illiberal political movements.

Essays in this volume offer theoretical perspectives and practical insights on developments in Europe, the Americas and South Africa. Authors show how instruments, institutions and practices of human rights protection are used to undermine liberties. The picture includes strategic illiberal politcal actors as well as the (sometimes unwitting) contributions of human rights defenders, national and regional courts. This volume calls for a much needed conversation on the future of human rights among scholars and practitioners of human rights. It also invites students of populist and illiberal governments to join the debate.


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List of Contributors vii

Human Rights Critics and Defenders: An Introduction 1
Renáta Uitz and Maria Bertel

Part I Critique of Human Rights Criticism
1 The Fate ofHumanRights in Indifferent Societies – (i.e. in More and More Constitutional Democracies) 15
András Sajó
2 Neither Invariant nor Sacrosanct – Human Rights Critique and Deliberation Past and Present 47
Marie-Luisa Frick
3 One Step Too Far – Some Philosophical and Political Reflections on the Current Critique of Human Rights 67
Matthias Mahlmann
4 Liberal Rights Between Radical Democratic Critique and Liberal Failure 81
Nenad Dimitrijevic

Part II Social Challenges to Human Rights
5 The War on Terror and the Decline of Human Rights 101
Mordechai Kremnitzer
6 From Human Rights to Humanity’s Law – The Current State of Play 111
Ruti G. Teitel

Part III Populism and Human Rights
7 Populism andHumanRights – From Disenchantment to Democratic Riposte 135
Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen
8 Land Reform in the Time of Populism – The Law and Politics of Land Reform in South Africa 157
Juha Tuovinen
9 The Ideological Turn in Bulgarian Constitutional Discourse – The Rise Against ‘Genders’ 177
Ruzha Smilova
10 Human Rights Watchdogs Face Illiberal Rulers in Europe 199 Renáta Uitz

Part IV New Attitudes of International and National Courts
11 The Demise of the Rights of Migrants and Refugees under the European Convention on Human Rights 227
Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque
12 Functional Disobedience, National Courts and the ECtHR 247
Giuseppe Martinico
13 Human Rights Law and Constitutional Democracies in Latin America – Interactions, Contestations and Engagement 269
Jorge Contesse
14 The 2018 Constitutional Referendum in Ecuador – The Failure of the Inter-American System to Protect Democracy 291
Oswaldo Ruiz-Chiriboga
15 Prosecutions and Politics in a Constitutional State – Prosecution of Heads of State in Post-apartheid South Africa 315
Kate O’Regan
16 Reframing Powerlessness Inside and Outside Courts – Claims of Harm in Equality Cases in Brazil and South Africa 337
Thiago de Souza Amparo

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        Critical Essays on Human Rights Criticism