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The right to be forgotten vs the right to remember

Data protection and archiving in the public interest

E-book, 160 blz. Epub met watermerkbeveiliging | Engels
Academic & Scientific publishers | 1e druk, 2019
ISBN13: 9789057187919
Academic & Scientific publishers Epub met watermerkbeveiliging 1e druk, 2019 9789057187919
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On October 10, 2016 the Belgian State Archives organised a congress to reflect upon the impact of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) on the core activities of archive services and on their relationship with citizens and users. Recently applicable throughout the European Union since 25th May 2018, the GDPR guarantees a better protection of personal data and gives individuals more rights regarding their personal data, including the so-called "right to be forgotten'.

Eminent speakers from abroad, senior public servants, legal practitioners and archivists with extensive knowledge and international experience reflected on the priorities of archive services, on issues and opportunities to live up to criteria such as accessibility, reliability, authenticity and completeness. But also on tools and procedures to defend and facilitate the importance of the right to information.

Contributions to this edited volume are made by Joëlle Jouret and Willem Debeuckelaere (Data Protection Authority, Belgium), Patrick Van Eecke and Peter Craddock (DLA Piper), Andrea Hänger (Bundesarchiv, Germany), Hervé Lemoine and Bruno Ricard (Service Interministériel des Archives de France), Giulia Barrera (Directorate General of Archives, Italy), Dirk Luyten (CegeSoma/State Archives, Belgium), Florent Thouvenin and Kento Reutimann (Center for Information Technology, Society, and Law – University of Zurich, Switzerland), with a preface by Karin Van Honacker and Karel Velle (State Archives, Belgium).


Aantal pagina's:160


Karel Velle

1 GDPR and processing for archiving purposes in the public interest: an introduction
Karin Van Honacker

2 Processing for archiving purposes in the GDPR
Joëlle Jouret & Willem Debeuckelaere

3 The right to be forgotten… and to remember!
Patrick Van Eecke & Peter Craddock

4 The consequences of the GDPR for archives and their users: an initial review
Andrea Hänger

5 Les données personnelles dans les archives publiques françaises : loi, accès et sécurité
Hervé Lemoine & Bruno Ricard

6 Archival ethics and the right to be forgotten: Italian experiences
Giulia Barrera

7 The elaboration of a privacy policy for the research portal of European Holocaust Research Infrastructure
Dirk Luyten

8 Web Archives: A Legal Perspective
Florent Thouvenin & Kento Reutimann

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        The right to be forgotten vs the right to remember