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Essays in honour of Prof. mr. dr. J.H.M. (Sjef) van Erp on the occasion of his retirement

E-book, 602 blz. Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging | Engels
Eleven International Publishing | 1e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9789089745095
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Eleven International Publishing Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging 1e druk, 2021 9789089745095
Onderdeel van serie Maastricht Law Series
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Since 1997 Sjef van Erp has been professor of civil law and European private law at Maastricht University. Throughout his career he established the field of comparative and European property law not only as a field of research, but also as a field to teach in. His pioneering work in comparative property education has been an example throughoutthe world. His work to gather property experts to make a Ius Commune Casebook on property law, widely used throughout the world as one of the first and very few books on comparative property law, underlines these efforts.

In the last decade Sjef van Erp has also been instrumental in bringing researchers together in the European Law Institute that he co-founded, as well in various international working groups focusing on the challenges brought forward by technological developments on the law of property. He has become recognized as an international scholar in the field of PropTech (or property and technology). Throughout all these international activities, he has retained his teaching post at Maastricht and introduced generations of students into the field of property law from a comparative and European perspective.

In January 2021 Sjef van Erp has retired as professor of civil law and European Private Law at Maastricht University. On the occasion of his retirement a group of international authors have come together to prepare and offer him a book to commemorate this occasion.


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Over Bram Akkermans

Bram Akkermans is Assistant Professor European Private Law and Associate-Director of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI), Maastricht University.

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Part I Comparative Law and Methodology
(Normative)Models ofProperty Law–UsingVanErp’s Framework toAdvance
Sustainable Property Law 3
Bram Akkermans
The Nature of Comparing 17
Jill Robbie
The Role of Comparative Law in European Private Law: A Janus-Faced
Enterprise? 29
Luisa Antoniolli
TheCommonPatterns ofPropertyLaw: aPrincipledPerspective ontheReform
of Belgian Property Law 47
Vincent Sagaert
The Argentine Civil and Commercial Code (2015) and the Contract of
Fideicomiso: Mapping a De- to Re-Codification Experience 67
Agustín Parise
Global and National Property Law – Osmosis, Antagonism, or a Middle
Ground? 85
Amnon Lehavi
Spirits of Law from the Girdle of Emerald – On Adat and Custom in
Indonesian, Dutch and Comparative Law 105
Michael Milo

Part II Concept of Property
Reflections on the Fluidity of Ownership – An Essay in Honour of Sjef van
Erp 121
Elsabé van der Sijde
The Metamorphosis of the Right to Property 135
James Gordley
Vermogensongelijkheid: heeft het goederenrecht een antwoord op
Piketty? 153
Jan Smits
Is Our Concept of Property Sustainable? – A Catholic Social Teaching
Perspective 163
Katja Zimmermann

Part III Patrimonial Law
Lindenbaum/Cohen in de Bouillonstraat 181
Gerrit van Maanen
Wonderen verwachten van crisiscontractenrecht? 205
Ton Hartlief
Pandbelening, gestolen goederen en derdenbescherming 221
Jan Biemans
Limitation Periods and Works of Art 235
Lars van Vliet
Property Torts and the Restatements 249
Peter B Kutner

Part IV Legal translations
Uniform Legal Languages and Comparative Law: Seeking for the National
Criptotypes 263
Elena Ioriatti
Between Pragmatism and Perfectionism in Legal Translation 285
Patrick O’Callaghan
Part V Security Rights
Fixtures, Accessories and the MAC-Protocol – The Cape Town Convention
Touches Ground 297
Eva-Maria Kieninger
Retention of Title Clauses, Their Enforceability and the Free Movement of
Goods 307
Björn Hoops
Securing Debt in a World Without Collateral 319
Willem Loof

Part VI Notariat and Land Registration
Het Nederlandse Notariaat in een Stroomversnelling 331
Leon Verstappen
Land Register: ‘Title by Registration’ or ‘Principle of Good Faith’? 351
Monika Hinteregger
Landregistratiedata – Van wie, voor wie en waarvoor? 365
Jacques Vos

Part VII Succession
Disinheritance in an Ageing Society 397
Antoni Vaquer
Reflections on “nemo pro parte testatus pro parte intestatus decedere
potest” 413
Reinhard Zimmermann

Part VIII Marital Property Law
De Objectieve Conflictregels van de EU Verordening
Huwelijksvermogensstelsels 425
Sabine Heijning

Part IX Property and Technology
“Data Property”: Entitlements Between “Ownership”, Factual Control and
Access to Commons 449
Christine Godt
Comparative Law and Legal Issues Arising From Distributed Ledgers and
Smart Contracts 485
Jasper Verstappen
Digital Property and the Law Reformer – An Essay in Honor of Professor Sjef
van Erp 505
Christopher K. Odinet
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4iR) and the Law: Challenges and
Opportunities 519
Wian Erlank
Rights in Co-Generated Data – A New Data Ownership Debate? 535
Christiane C. Wendehorst

Part X Sjef in Data
A Digital Selfie 551
Gijs van Dijck
01010011011010100110010101100110 571
Anna Berlee

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