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Drone Law and Policy

Integration into the Legal Order of Civil Aviation

E-book, 382 blz. Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging | Engels
Eleven International Publishing | 1e druk, 2021
ISBN13: 9789089745149
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Eleven International Publishing Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging 1e druk, 2021 9789089745149
Onderdeel van serie Essential Air and Space Law
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The use of unmanned aircrafts, commonly known as drones, is developing at a fast pace worldwide. Drones are extremely versatile and capable of performing a wide variety of applications. However, applicable regulations are still lagging behind in technological progress and volume growth.

The authors provide an in-depth study on prevailing drone law and policy in order to achieve a seamless integration of drone technology into the legal order of civil aviation. The drone market largely depends on the successful implementation of such a comprehensive international regulatory framework that will allow for safe, secure and environmentally friendly operations, while technologies must be mature enough to ensure full integration of drones into non-segregated airspace in the foreseeable future. Monitoring, evaluating and analysing drone operations is a continuous and systematic process, generating knowledge and best practices, also for streamlining such an all-encompassing regulatory framework.


Aantal pagina's:382

Over Ronald Schnitker

Ronald Schnitker is sinds 1993 als jurist in dienst van Eindhoven Airport. Hij is auteur van een groot aantal publicaties en boeken op het gebied van het luchtrecht. Tevens is hij eindredacteur van het Journaal LuchtRecht.

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Acronyms and Abbreviations vii
Introduction xi

Chapter 1 The Development of Drones 1
1.1 History of Drones 1
1.2 Terminology 10
1.3 Applications 16

Chapter 2 Legal Basis for Drone Operations 33
2.1 Introduction 33
2.2 Outline of ICAO UAS Regulatory Framework 37
2.3 EASA Rule-Making Process on Drones 50
2.4 FAA Drone Rules and Access to the National Airspace System 96
2.5 Future Considerations 125

Chapter 3 Commercial, Private and Sports Use 133
3.1 Commercial Drone Utilization 133
3.2 Private Drone Use 141
3.3 Drones in Sports 148

Chapter 4 Integration into Airspace 155
4.1 Access to Airspace 155
4.2 Safe Integration of Drones into the Single European Sky 163
4.3 RPAS Integration Alongside Manned Aviation 170
4.4 U-Space 185
4.5 Preserving Airspace Access 219

Chapter 5 Safety Requirements in UAS Operations 229
5.1 Introduction 229
5.2 Remote Pilot Requirements 230
5.3 UAS Operator Requirements 237
5.4 Technical Requirements 244
5.5 Operational Use 254

Chapter 6 Privacy, Data Protection and Security 269
6.1 Privacy and Data Protection 269
6.2 Privacy and Security 305

Summary 319
About the Authors 353
Index 355

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        Drone Law and Policy