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Sustainability and Private Law

E-book, 220 blz. Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging | Engels
Eleven International Publishing | 1e druk, 2019
ISBN13: 9789460944413
Hoofdrubriek : Juridisch
Eleven International Publishing Pdf met watermerkbeveiliging 1e druk, 2019 9789460944413
Onderdeel van serie Maastricht Law Series
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Sustainability and sustainable development are amongst the largest and most complex challenges for the 21st century. This is not just a matter for states and governments, but rather a common goal to which we should all contribute. Are the rules of private law suitable to contribute to sustainable solutions? The authors in this book explore aspects of property law, tort law, and contract law. They investigate whether the current rules of private law provide sufficient incentives and possibilities for sustainable action, or whether these rules require reform.

This research is part of a joint research project of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI), in which researchers from various fields work together on large societal issues. Through seminars, discussions and joint research, M-EPLI researchers aim to cross boundaries between their respective fields and contribute to solving large societal challenges.


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Over Bram Akkermans

Bram Akkermans is Assistant Professor European Private Law and Associate-Director of the Maastricht European Private Law Institute (M-EPLI), Maastricht University.

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Over Gijs van Dijck

mr. Gijs van Dijck (1980) heeft in Tilburg Nederlands recht gestudeerd. Hij is in 2006 gepromoveerd op het proefschrift 'De faillissementspauliana: revisie of relict'. Thans is hij werkzaam als universitair docent bij de vakgroep privaatrecht van de Universiteit van Tilburg.

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1 Introduction 1
Bram Akkermans and Gijs van Dijck
2 Law and Sustainability 3
Jaap Hage
3 Preliminary Reflections on Paradigms, Ownership, and Ecology 17
Agustín Parise
4 Sustainable Property Law – Towards a Revaluation of Our System of Property Law 37
Bram Akkermans
5 Moving Beyond Boundaries in the Pursuit of Sustainable Property Law 59
Jill Robbie
6 Environmental Liability as a Tool to Promote Sustainability 79
Michael Faure and Shen Yayun
7 Tort Law and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions 117
Gijs van Dijck
8 Company Law is Bananas 131
Kim Berg and Mark Kawakami
9 Sustainability and Optional Regimes – A Legislative Means of Empowering Private Individuals in the Development of Socially Beneficial Activities? 159
William Bull
10 Conclusion: Private Law on Sustainability 177
Gijs van Dijck and Bram Akkermans

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        Sustainability and Private Law